Surpise Addiction Revealed By Surveillance – UK

October 11th, 2012

A client called Private Detective in UK regarding concerns that he had about his daughters marriage. For some time she had been getting progressively more upset with the behaviour of her husband our clients son in law. She was alleging to her father that he treated her badly by her husband and was going out without telling her his whereabouts and often returning home very late or sometimes not until the next morning.

After a lengthy discussion with our client it was decided that the best course of action was to undertake a session of 6 hours of surveillance in order to establish where he was going and what he was doing.

We were able to provide our client with video and photographic evidence of the target visiting a casino where he seemed to be very well known to the staff. It became obvious to our client after reading the report provided that he had for some time become the victim of an addiction to gambling. This was confirmed after she checks their bank accounts and found money missing. Our client arranged for some counselling for the target to assist him in breaking the habit and his daughter and the target were able to re-build their relationship.

Over-protective Wife – UK

October 1st, 2012

A man rang the office of Detective UK as he wanted to know why his wife knew where he was going when he was out with his friends as no one told her where they were going. The client explained that he and his friends go and get drunk and do silly things when they are together. It was a fair arrangement that he and his wife would never ask what the other had been doing when they were our with their friends. He asked us to find out how his wife knew about his evenings out with his mates.

We told the client that we would DE-bug his car phone laptop and look around the home for any bugs that the wife could be using to find out what our client does when he goes out with his friends. Our client found it a bit strange that she wanted to know after all this time but decided it was a good idea.

When our investigation had come to an end we realised that the client’s wife had installed a tracker on the clients vehicle and bugs where in his laptop and phone. we told the client what his wife had done and he was absolutely deviated that she could do what she did and have no trust in him. When the client asked his wife about her bugging him she denied everything. Our client produced the proof that we had provided and she admitted it in the end but gave no reason for what she was doing. Our client is now divorcing her.

Vandilising garden – UK

September 22nd, 2012

Detective UK received a telephone call from a woman explaining that her garden was being vandalised and it was getting expensive to keep repairing it all the time. The client wanted us to find out who it was so she could make a stop to her problem. The client also said that she needed her garden to look perfect as she had a garden party for her friends 50th birthday. We told the client that we could find out who was causing her problems so she could get her garden back to normal ready for her garden party.

We said we could help her by installing convert cameras around her garden and also to have two six-hour sessions of surveillance to make sure we catch the culprit.

Once our investigation had come to an end we found that the culprit was the clients neighbour and once our investigators saw her vandalising our clients garden they called the police and we were then able to give the evidence to the police and our client. The client was hugely grateful as she was able to have her garden party with a perfect garden.

Sick Employee – Private Investigators

September 9th, 2012

Business man who is a client of Private Investigators wants to know if a certain employee is actually sick when she is off and not just claiming sick benefits. The company first suspected something when the employee started taking sick leave at least three times a month.

We told the client that we could carry out sessions of six hour surveillance on the employee to see were she is when she says she’s off. We told the company that we could not know when she was going to be off however we could get set up ready for the employee to be off and when she is off they could inform us so we could tell our operatives to move in.

The outcome of the surveillance was that the employee took her children to her ex husband then she went back to her house and then went to her local shop and then returned home. She stayed in the house until a friend came around in the evening and they were dressed up as if they were going to a party. They went to a club and the employee got drunk. we reported this to her employer who took her to court. In court she had to pay back the sick leave money and she was let go.

Private Investigators – Mains Charger Plug with DVR

September 14th, 2011

This Mains Charger Plug with DVR can be invaluable to any private detective or private investigator in personal or corporate investigations as it looks like an ordinary mains charger, which are common place in homes and offices. However, it houses a smartly designed digital camera which records video and audio, of the highest quality, and even on close inspection would not be identified as a spying device. An excellent useful feature of this camera is that it does not need a battery, which would need charging, as it is powered from the mains supply so that is one factor a private detective or private investigator doesn’t have to worry about.

A private detective or private investigator can insert an SD card up to 32GB. The camera has features including motion and audio detection but a remote control can also be used, which includes a built in menu. The camera will start to record video and audio on the detection of movement and sounds but alternatively a private detective or private investigator can use the remote control system to record high quality footage.

This high quality footage, which includes the date and time of recording, can be used by a private detective or private investigator even where official evidence is required. Recording will stop when the SD card is full. This can be overwritten with fresh recordings if necessary. To access the footage the device can be connected to a PC or TV using a cable connector.

Areas we cover include: Birmingham, London, Manchester

Private Investigators – Pen Sized Colour Document Scanner

September 14th, 2011

Invaluable to every private detective or private investigator is this document scanner which can scan a page in 4 seconds and store up to 200 pages. The lithium batteries, which power this pen sized portable device, can be charged from any computer using a USB cable. As well as being useful to anyone who needs to store a range of data, the document scanner can enable a private detective or private investigator to discreetly collate valuable evidence for later use in an investigation.

 A private detective or private investigator can have access to increased memory with the addition of a further SD card. There are many features of the supplied software which enable a private detective or private investigator to manage the documents which have been scanned as well as connect them to the usual range of programs on a computer. The scanned documents can be modified, exported into different formats or printed, faxed or emailed. Overall a compact portable useful device for any private detective or private investigator on the move.

Areas we cover include: Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds

Private Investigators – Pornography Detection Stick

May 27th, 2011

Private Detectives and Private Investigators can use this device to search for pornographic images on a computer. This flash drive detection stick enables a private detective or private investigator to quickly scan all images, even ones that have been deleted, as well cache files, for unwanted or illegal content, many of which can introduce viruses to a computer. The device could be invaluable to private detectives and private investigators in personal or corporate investigations.

A really useful feature of the device is that it requires no additional software, as this is embedded within it, and as it is small and portable a private detective or private investigator can use it on any computer without anyone knowing a search has been done. A manual search on a computer is very time consuming so as this detection stick can search a 500GB drive, containing in excess of 70,000 images in about an hour and a half, its usefulness to private detectives and private investigators is obvious, as time is of the essence in most cases. With almost 100% accuracy and its ability to scan even deleted images and internet history the pornography detection stick would prove to be an invaluable device in locating unwanted or illegal content without the need for lengthy computer forensics.

Areas we cover include: Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham

Private Investigators – Day/Night Covert Camera

April 12th, 2011

This Day/Night Covert Camera is an excellent device for a private investigator or private detective to use for a limited period of time, either during daytime or overnight surveillance. It can be set up in a building or in a car to gather important evidence outside, without the need for the private investigator or private detective to be present. This video spy camera would prove to be useful in any investigation from personal to corporate.

Although this video camera is compact, it produces very high quality images which can provide valuable evidence in an investigation. A useful feature, to a private investigator or private detective, of the camera is that recordings can be continuous, set for specific times or events or motion activated and can be stored on a SD card; the maximum size of which can be 16GB. The device can be powered by the 12 volt unit in a car, providing the battery in the car has power or it can run from the mains or battery packs. Battery power will ensure up to 17 hours of recording, which would provide private investigators or private detectives with vital data on the case in question. This is a really useful covert device for any private investigator or private detective as it is easy to hide and operate and gives accurate results every time.

Areas we cover include: Ashford, Bolton, Margate

Private Investigators – Voice Activated Calculator Recorder

April 12th, 2011

No one would guess that this fully working desk top calculator hides a secret. It is an ideal device for any private detective or private investigator in corporate or personal investigations as it would not arouse suspicion, as a calculator is common place in any home or office. There is no visible indication that this is anything but a calculator as the voice recording system is hidden inside.

The calculator recorder uses an SD card, up to 32GB, which can store 570 hours of recording, and is battery powered, giving around 12 hours of sound activated recordings. The back of the calculator has to be removed, by the private investigator or private detective, to access these and to operate the start/stop control. The use of an SD card reader enables the private detective’s or private investigator’s evidence to be retrieved on his or her PC to support the investigation in progress. This is an extremely effective device for covert surveillance as no one would suspect their conversations were being recorded by such an innocuous item.

Areas we cover include: Bournemouth, Croydon, Newport

Private Investigators – Chat Stick

March 11th, 2011

This Chat Stick is a brilliant covert device for private investigators and private detectives to use to uncover messages sent as it looks just like an ordinary flash drive, so no one would suspect that their chat is being monitored. The Chat Stick, containing the software which analyses the online chat, can be used on any computer to scan for such information. A report can be created so that a private investigator or private detective can see exactly what has been said online, in any type of investigation, so that they can be sure the evidence they present to a client is the truth.

This device could prove to be extremely valuable in finding the truth in personal relationships, for private investigators and private detectives, where someone may suspect their wife, husband or partner of infidelity but equally it could be used in corporate investigations where employees may be wasting company time chatting or passing on confidential information. As instant messaging plays such a major part of everyday life in home or business situations, the Chat Stick will monitor what is going on in these areas and quickly reveal all conversations that have taken place, so enabling private investigators and private detectives to accurately complete their investigations.

Areas we cover include: Margate, Newport, Oldham