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Audio Data Gathering Through a Pen

Friday, February 26th, 2010

The primary responsibility or task of a private investigator is to conduct surveillance and gather data from their target. It is sometimes unavoidable that the private investigator has to perform information gathering from the target person himself or herself or to the acquaintances or relatives of the target person. However in order to avoid detection from the target person the private investigator must conduct his or her interview in the most discreet manner. Bringing out a pen and paper or the use of conventional audio recorders would immediately spark suspicion this method of data gathering would not be efficient and thus it would only create danger to the safety of the private investigator or private detective.

Because of the need to conduct and gather audio data, while avoiding detection, was the reason that the pen recorder was developed. The pen voice recorder is actually a recorder that is disguised as a pen, which would enable the private detectives to conduct their investigation in a discreet manner. The Pen Recorder can be on a stand-by and activated to a record state with the subtle movement of the clip, which of course would not spark any suspicion and you can readily turn it back to stand by in order to avoid recording any unnecessary conversations.

One of the best features of the Pen Recorder is that it has a voice activation property, which would allow the pen to record as soon as it “hears” a sound. This voice activation property would allow private investigators and private detectives to gather data in a certain location even without being in the same location as the target person. The different recordings are readily played back and listened to through the supplied earpiece and through a PC playback.

Computer investigation or Computer Forensics

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Investigations conducted by private detectives and private investigators are not only confined to tracing company fraud, infidelity, process serving and even surveillance. This does not mean however that private investigators and private detectives are limited to these types of services. One pressing problem today is the problem on hacking and the commission of other frauds through the internet or using the computers. Most of the time evidence is inside computers and only a person that is well versed with the use and with the understanding of the inner functions of a computer would be able to investigate and extract valuable information from the computer.

Private investigators and private detectives nowadays must not only be well versed in the art of sleuthing but also be proficient in the field that pertains to the use of technology. This is because of the fact that there is an increase in the commission of crimes through the use of a computer such as website defacing, account number stealing among others. It is because of these the many companies are requiring the services of private investigators and private detectives who are well acquainted with the field of computer forensics. A private investigator that would perform computer forensics must be able to handle the subject computer with care and that the private investigator must be able to retrieve as much data in the computer as possible especially if there were files that were already deleted. A private investigator must also be able to reveal hidden files, analyze relevant data and can develop or produce an overall analysis of the investigation done in the recovery and analysis of data in the computer.

It may seem that private investigators and private detectives nowadays should not only become well versed in the field of traditional investigation but also become well-acquainted with the different processes involving computers and other latest technological devices.

The Ranger 3 Waterproof 1st Gen Night Vision 3 a Private Investigators’ Night Partner

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Surveillance is one of the best data gathering methods that is being employed by private detectives or private investigators. This is due to the fact that this would give private investigators and private detectives the advantage of getting to know how a person would act in a normal state. Surveillance however entails a lot of risk and danger, the risk of being discovered is considered to be the main danger that should be prevented. Data gathering during surveillance not only include surveillance during the day but also during the night where danger may lurk from anywhere. The cover of the darkness may disable private investigators and private detectives from gathering data efficiently. That is why many of those who are considered to be rookies in the field of investigation and in the field of surveillance are making mistakes and getting too close to the subject which leads to discovery and compromises their investigation and even their lives.

Through the benefits of modern technology the darkness being a factor in not gathering data efficiently is now eliminated. This is because of the development of night vision scopes or goggles. One of the latest in the area of night vision scopes is the Ranger 3 Waterproof first Generation Night Vision. This night vision scope is equipped with rubber-armoured housing which gives the user a slip-free convenience in holding. It has three times magnification allowing the private investigator and private detective using it to perform nighttime surveillance at a distance of two hundred to four hundred meters. One of the most admirable features of this night vision scope is that it is equipped with aircraft-grade aluminum gasket, which unlike scopes using plastic gasket prevent the lenses from gathering water and dust. The Ranger 3 is the best companion for a private investigator or a private detective during nighttime surveillance.

Battling Corporate Theft

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

The economic crisis has brought about a lot of problems not only to company owners but also to employees. Reduction of rates, salary or working times are common problems encountered by employees. Unfortunately employees are unable to do anything about it. Because the economy is in turmoil and having a job is better than having no job at all. The problems encountered by employees are being considered as the root cause of corporate theft. During the economic turmoil corporate theft was rampant and on a record high, the most unfortunate thing about this is that many companies were discovering fraudulent acts by its employees several months after they have occurred. The most common company types that fall prey to this type of corporate fraud were those engaged in sales and other areas where credit card transaction was required.

Corporate theft is one contributory factor to company losses. It is important to find the root cause of this problem before it cause irreparable damage to the company’s finances. Several solutions that companies are employing which proves to be very effective is the hiring of private investigators and or private detectives.

Private investigators or private detectives specialises in the field of tracking down company assets and company finances. They are skilled in performing background checks on people or target individuals. In order to be assured that you are hiring the best and the most qualified person for the vacant position especially on positions that are sensitive in nature, company CEO’s must perform background checks on their potential employees. This is where private investigators or private detectives are very useful. Although this method is no guarantee that the employee will not commit fraud, performing a background check will reduce the incidence of hiring fraudulent employees.

If the most unfortunate thing has already happened or should a company CEO already have a gut feeling that something is wrong with the company finances it is the private investigators’ job to track down the person who committed the fraud. This method will catch the culprit before they have the chance to hide or escape from the company investigation.

Advice Against Corporate Fraud

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Aside from marital problems another common case being handled by most private investigators and private detectives are corporate fraud. Corporate fraud is usually practiced by employees belonging to a specific corporation or even a small business. This happens when a company employee starts to utilise company procedures in order to “steal” money or goods from the company. There are many ways on how an employee is able to gain from the company in a fraudulent manner and the sad thing about this is that the deficit in sales for example would only be traced or noticed after full accounting of stocks and or the financial assets. This would then prompt the company CEO or CFO to conduct an investigation that would require the hiring of private investigators or private detectives.

Private investigators and private detectives often trace or follow the money trail by investigating all company personnel and this would take a lot of time. It is thus being advised by private investigators and private detectives to take the necessary security precautions in order to prevent employees from committing corporate fraud. One way of preventing this is by arming oneself with the knowledge on the different ways that corporate fraud may be undertaken by your employees.

A common method of corporate fraud in grocery store, department stores or any business establishment that requires purchase. The cashier may punch-in several items bought by the customer and the other items were not entered and go directly into the grocery bags. This simple way of fraud requires collusion with other people not known to any of the fraudulent employees’ colleagues. The use of an unknown person may also be used in fraudulent claims of insurance such as fraudulent claim of refunds and even fraudulent claim of benefits.

It is because of collusion with a third party that most frauds are accurately executed and discovery of the fraud would prove to be too late. That is why hiring a private investigator or a private detective to perform a background check on the claimants for insurance benefits or refunds is necessary especially if such claims would amount to thousands of pounds or euros.

Rising Demand for Private Investigators after the Economic Downturn

Friday, February 5th, 2010

The business of private investigation is expected or is already increasing in terms of demand. This may be brought about by the fact that there was an economic crisis during the past two years. The economic crisis has been the root cause of companies having to remove some employees this increases the unemployment rate of not only in developing countries but also in first-world countries. Financial capabilities of people have become limited and these have made some people commit crimes. Vandalism, theft, robbery and fraud were among the most common crimes committed during the economic crisis. Businesses and Companies have been one of the hardest hit by these crimes ranging from former employees committing theft to employees committing fraud.

With the economic downturn, companies and business establishments are now slowly recovering from the effects of the economic crisis. Sales are starting to move back up and investors are already becoming confident again in investing their money. It is because of this rise in the economy that people most specially the business owners and company CEO’s have started to pay attention to the problems of fraudulent acts that were committed by their former employees or even their current employees. It is because of this that company CEO’s and business owners have hired the services of private investigators and private detectives in order to investigate some company employees and even former company employees. Apart from this the insurance sector or the pre-need sectors have also begun hiring the services of private investigators to investigate fraudulent insurance claimants who were abound during the economic crisis.  After the economic crisis the need for private investigators increased especially in the areas of investigating fraudulent employees, fraudulent insurance claimants and even debtor tracing and asset tracing.

Tips For Effective Surveillance

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Private investigators and private detectives require knowledge in the different areas of investigation; one main area where a private investigator or a private detective should be very well versed on is the area of surveillance. Surveillance is a procedure that is essential to the process of investigation. It is important because it helps investigators observe target people or suspects on their daily routine, which may give clues essential to the investigation. Surveillance is a very dangerous field. If the surveillance process is compromised, it may then result to a legal battle or worst a physical altercation, which may lead to injury or even death of either the suspect or the private investigator.

Because of the dangerous nature of surveillance that private investigators and private detectives are always encouraged to practice proper surveillance technique so as not to compromise their position and ultimately not to jeopardise their investigation and their life. Here are some basic tips in surveillance that may prove to be useful for private detectives and private investigators.

1. When tailing a vehicle at close distance in an area where there is heavy traffic, you must remain calm and inconspicuous. Remaining calm and unsuspecting is key, just act like any other motorist. Acting like will make it less likely to lose the suspects’ vehicle especially in areas where there are a lot of traffic lights.

2. Use slightly tinted glass in your vehicles’ windows will prevent being easily seen by the suspect.

3. Always have your recording materials at hand such as your audio recorder or pen and paper as you only have a few minutes to record any observations that you think is essential to the investigation. It is also a good idea to record events, as they happen to avoid either forgetting times or missing out vital information.

4. Be careful in using the video recorders, don’t be too obvious when you utilise a video recorder. If the suspect gets a glimpse of you using a video camera suspicions may easily arise and that may compromise your position or your investigation. Care is needed when performing surveillance on a suspect, remember that above all your life is of paramount importance, never do anything that would compromise your position, your investigation and most of all your life.

Private Investigators and Martial Arts

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Private investigators or private detectives are people who are considered to have one of the most dangerous occupations. Private investigation does not merely depend on searching information about a person through the Internet or just by asking around. It requires the private investigators or private detectives to go out in the “field” and they have to learn how to “blend-in” with different types of crowds in order to avoid detection or in order to avoid arousing suspicions. This is the area where most private investigators and private detectives are being placed in danger, should they be detected then they are actually putting their lives in jeopardy. Nobody likes to be followed or to be investigated especially for those who are involved in illegal activities. Sometimes private investigators make mistakes that place their life in jeopardy. This is why it should be a requirement for every private investigator to learn how to defend themselves.

There are several ways of defending one’s self and first of which is the popular, martial arts. Private investigators or private detectives should learn to deal with situations that may require them to defend themselves, learning a martial art is therefore a must. Martial arts do not only give you the knowledge on how to defend against physical attacks but it also helps you increase your speed and agility, which are essential physical attributes for a private detective or a private investigator especially in the field of surveillance. Through the routine exercises undertaken in martial arts, the person slowly develops his or her muscles to “memorise” certain movements and even pain in order to physically sustain any activities that require sudden movements or change in directions, a familiar process for private detectives and private investigators.

Therefore, with the risks and hazards that private investigators and private detectives are facing it is imperative that they should learn and practice at least one form of martial arts.