Advice Against Corporate Fraud

Aside from marital problems another common case being handled by most private investigators and private detectives are corporate fraud. Corporate fraud is usually practiced by employees belonging to a specific corporation or even a small business. This happens when a company employee starts to utilise company procedures in order to “steal” money or goods from the company. There are many ways on how an employee is able to gain from the company in a fraudulent manner and the sad thing about this is that the deficit in sales for example would only be traced or noticed after full accounting of stocks and or the financial assets. This would then prompt the company CEO or CFO to conduct an investigation that would require the hiring of private investigators or private detectives.

Private investigators and private detectives often trace or follow the money trail by investigating all company personnel and this would take a lot of time. It is thus being advised by private investigators and private detectives to take the necessary security precautions in order to prevent employees from committing corporate fraud. One way of preventing this is by arming oneself with the knowledge on the different ways that corporate fraud may be undertaken by your employees.

A common method of corporate fraud in grocery store, department stores or any business establishment that requires purchase. The cashier may punch-in several items bought by the customer and the other items were not entered and go directly into the grocery bags. This simple way of fraud requires collusion with other people not known to any of the fraudulent employees’ colleagues. The use of an unknown person may also be used in fraudulent claims of insurance such as fraudulent claim of refunds and even fraudulent claim of benefits.

It is because of collusion with a third party that most frauds are accurately executed and discovery of the fraud would prove to be too late. That is why hiring a private investigator or a private detective to perform a background check on the claimants for insurance benefits or refunds is necessary especially if such claims would amount to thousands of pounds or euros.

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