Private Investigator – Pen Sized Document Scanner

In the field of surveillance and investigation, hard evidences such as documents are required, this is especially so when investigation corporate violations or tracking money trails. The world of corporate law however favours those with concrete evidence over hearsays that is why obtaining hard evidences such as audio, video and documents proving the innocence or guilt of a person being accused is the paramount concern of every private investigators and private detectives hired for such purpose. The most compelling and most convincing evidence in cases of corporate fraud are the different documents that would prove the commission of such fraud. However, for a private investigator and a private detective it is very difficult for them to get hold let alone get a copy of such document evidences. This is because of the fact that the documents may be well hidden and guarded and that copy machines are not readily available, copying the document is the most prudent strategy, as this would not spark any suspicion due to the loss or absence of such document.

This problem was the focus when the pen sized document scanner was developed. The portable pen-sized document scanner is of course not bigger than the size of a normal pen, it has the ability to store up to 200 pages of scanned documents and it is capable of scanning a single page every four seconds. The pen sized document scanner is powered by Lithium batteries, which allows for recharging and of course for portability. It is lightweight with only 40grams to its weight and it is equipped with a 4MB flash memory. It can be connected through the computer for download via its USB 2.0 socket which, through this the pen sized document scanner can also be recharged. Finally, its dual roller guiding system allows the private investigator or private detective to efficiently scan subject documents.

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