Private Investigator – Tracking your Target through the Covert Asset Tracker

Surveillance is one of the most tedious duties of a private investigator or a private detective because of the fact that it requires round the clock monitoring. However, private investigators and private detectives are just human and instances may arise wherein the target may already be on the move and the private investigator or private detective may have lost the target from his or her sight. This is the reason why several devices were developed to compensate for any human frailties that may cause the surveillance mission to fail and ultimately see the failure of the whole investigation.

For situations where a constant monitoring or twenty-four hours surveillance seems to be impossible to conduct, private investigators and private detectives rely on the Covert Asset Tracker. The Covert Asset Tracker is a device that is similar to the size of a matchbox and is equipped with a magnet that makes it easier to attach to a vehicle or any other metal objects. The Covert Asset Tracker is integrated with the latest technology on Global Positioning System and GPRS or GSM Data Communications system that can pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle or person being tracked. One of the best features of the Covert Asset Tracker, which private investigators and private detectives rely on, is its motion sensor system. The Covert Asset Trackers’ motion sensor functions to activate only when there is a movement from where the CAT is attached, thus if the vehicle where the Covert Asset Tracker is attached starts to move the device will then become activated and tracking will resume. Another feature that the Covert Asset Tracker that proves to be very useful for private detectives and private investigators is the Geo-Fencing facility which would signal the user, specifically the private investigator, if and when the target goes beyond the limits of pre-defined areas.
The Covert Asset Tracking is one of the best devices that could help the private investigator and private detective in his or her pursuit to accomplish his or her investigation.

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