Private Investigators – Looking in Tight Spaces With Flexible Inspection Camera

There are a lot of instances where the Private investigators or private detectives are situated in areas that limit movements and the only way to gather data properly is to capture images without having to compromise the position or location especially if the private investigator or private detective is conducting a surveillance of the target person or suspect. There may also be instances wherein inspections in the house of the target person may be done and there may be an opportunity to locate hidden items but since private investigators and private detectives can only gather information without destroying or moving anything then an appropriate tool that can squeeze into tight spaces should be utilised.

During such tight situations the Flexible Inspection Camera would come in handy, because it is lightweight, very small and is capable of giving image output or capable of looking through tight spaces without the need to remove any wall panels or any appliances. The one meter long and 9.2 millimeter tube was designed to be flexible enough to accommodate proper angling, which is needed to properly position the camera or lens. One notable feature of this Flexible inspection camera is its water resistance making it capable of being utilised in liquids or areas where liquids are abound like drains and engines among others.

The Flexible Inspection Camera is equipped with a 2.4” TFT monitor that is being utilised for live viewing. In addition, the video monitor is equipped with a rechargeable battery pack that is utilised to give the TFT monitor power of up to five hours. To get around angles and corners the Flexible Inspection Camera is also equipped with three attachments, the hook for getting missing or hard to get items, the magnet which also does the same and the mirror for looking through the correct angles and round corners.

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