The Landline and Fax Encryptor 200-XL

The nature of a private investigator or private detective’s job always puts their lives in danger, this is the reason why every private investigator and private detective must always protect themselves. Protection from unscrupulous people may start by keeping the private investigators’ records or data, one type of data that can easily be accessed by other people is the audio communication between the private detective and the client. It is because of the fact that phone lines are easily being hacked into or accessed by anyone. Private investigators and private detectives must assure their clients that whatever conversation will transpire between them should be kept private to ensure the safety of the information, the private investigator and the client as well.

This is the reason why private investigators and private detectives must invest in an encryptor that will prohibit other people from eavesdropping in on your phone conversation. The 200-XL is a portable and compact fax and voice encryptor which can function or operate inline with fax or phone along with the telephone wall socket, which means that installation would not pose a problem as it’s only as easy as plug and play. The 200-XL comes with sophisticated software that would allow users to configure the device according to their needs. Among the different configuration would be the adjustment of the fax send and receive signal levels, which also allows for user identification. The software will only allow user’s full control after passing the password-protected menu.

Private investigators and private detectives can create an exclusive user group that will only allow specific people to use the phone and fax through a customised corporate code established even without any PIN modification. The PC-based software can also be utilised to scramble the telephone number as it generates random telephone number, which mislead recipient of the call who has a caller-id. The 200-XL uses a 128-bit key encryption which makes the encryption difficult to crack or by-pass.

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