Private Detectives – Smart Watch Equipped with HD Camera with Audio

Technology has ushered in new ways of conducting investigations, however the basic principles still remain the same for private investigators and private detectives and that is to gather data from subject people without being detected as a private investigator or private detective. Concealing the true identity and nature of an interview or a data gathering process is important for every private investigator and private detective because the private investigator and private detective risking his or her life gathering data in such a manner. It is a known fact that culprits do not want to be investigated and when they find out whom the private investigator or private detective is they may try to physically harm them. This is the reason why private investigators and private detectives employ technology in order to gather data such as, data gathering devices concealed as normal daily equipment. Gathering images, videos and audios are very helpful in an investigation that is why a camera is a private investigators’ best friend, however when conducting surveillance it is imperative that the camera must be concealed properly in order to avoid detection. Fortunately, because of the integration of technology a High Definition Camera capable of recording videos and still images with audio is now possible.

The watch is designed as a divers’ watch and it is integrated with the HD Camera capable of recording videos in AVI format with the video encoding of M-JPEG. The video resolution of the recorded videos are 1280*960 VGA with a frame rate of 30 frames per second. The camera is 2 megapixel and the still photo size is 3264*2448 having a picture format of JPEG. The HD Camera watch is equipped with a High Capacity Rechargeable Polymer Lithium allowing it to function for 70-90 minutes and it has a 2 Gb Nand Flash memory giving the user a lot of video recording time and a lot of still images output.

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