Private Investigator – Computer Surveillance through the Ultimate Key Logger

The computer nowadays is utilised for many things, sometimes it is used for entertainment by using it to play games, watch videos among others. The computer is also used to create different digital arts, web pages, programs or applications and database. Most of the time however, the computer is used to create and store documents. For companies employing the use of computers, it is an important machine where records of the company’s transactions are being created and stored. Financial statements, corporate letters among other documents are created easily and efficiently with the aide of the computer. For private investigators the computer is a treasure trove of information that would give pertinent data in order to ascertain the user of the computer or the company as a whole.  Printed documents may be considered as evidence but in its absence computers may hold a digital version of such document. Private investigators and private detectives would have a difficult time in conducting a computer surveillance especially if the computer is password protected.

The problem stated above was the motivation in the development of the ultimate key logger. The ultimate key logger is a software application that will record the users’ computer activity. Key presses are recorded along with screenshots of the computer screen’s display. The ultimate key logger was designed to be easily install itself on a computer and would avoid detection because it would run in the background and will not show a sign that such program is running, moreover the ultimate key logger was tested with different anti virus software and it is safe to say that it has the ability to by-pass any scanning done by the antivirus software. The ultimate key logger can be easily installed by private investigators and private detectives in a computer and they can simply download the data recorded by simply plugging in again the flash disk device on the USB port.

This software is truly considered as an ultimate computer surveillance software.

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