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Private Investigators – The Second Generation of Tornado Night Vision Goggles

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

It has been said that private investigators and private detectives are always putting their life on the line, similar to police authorities. This may be attributed to the fact that sometimes if not most of the time private investigators and private detectives are conducting investigations on unscrupulous people who may at times be dangerous. This is the reason why being a private investigator or a private detective is not an easy task, an aspiring private investigator or a private detective must go through rigorous trainings and must be able to learn some strategies and techniques in the field. However, even with an extensive training some private investigators or private detectives still are placing themselves in danger, this is also why equipping private investigators and private detectives is an integral part of every investigation. Proper equipment could help a private investigator or a private detective accomplish his or her assignment or mission without taking any damage. It is a common fact that most of the unscrupulous transactions happen during the night wherein such unscrupulous people uses the cover of darkness in order to consummate the crime, this thus makes it hard for a private investigator or private detective to conduct surveillance or investigation.

With proper equipment however, a private investigator or a private detective can eliminate the darkness as a factor, this is why the Gen 2 Tornado Night Vision Goggles was developed. The Gen 2 Night Vision Goggles removes darkness as a limiting factor in conducting an investigation, with it’s powerful bi-ocular eyepiece makes it convenient for the user to wear the goggles. A 26mm F1 lens is fitted to the standard model of the Gen 2 Tornado Night Vision Goggles, however private investigators and private detectives may request for additional lenses either the 7O13 100mm F1.5 lens or the 7015 165mm F2.0 lens. The Gen 2 Tornado Night Vision Goggles is powered by two AA batteries and it is built with an infra-red sensor that allows private investigators and private detectives to view in low or zero light condition.

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Private Investigators – Mini Digital Voice Recorder

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

The field of private investigation is a very tricky process; this is because data gathering requires that everything should be in its normal state. An example of this is when interviewing a subject person, to avoid detection, the private investigator or private detective would be “natural”. Only if the subject person is unaware that he or she is under investigation will there be any positive results. Many private investigators resort to casual conversations with the subject person, however, when having a casual conversation it is obvious that there should be no need for any note taking. Bringing out a pen and a notebook would only spark suspicions. Data gathering requires the gathering of solid evidence thus it would be useless to conduct data gathering through casual conversation if there are no notes taken.

Private investigators and private detectives are always faced with this dilemma and through their creativity and integration of new technology the mini Digital voice recorder was developed. Intended for the recording of voice messages into flash memory this device is one of the most essential tools that a private investigator or a private detective should have. Since it is miniaturized to the size of only 39 x 16 x 9 mm this device is easily concealed. It has the capability of recording voice messages for up to two hundred and ninety-eight hours. It comes equipped with a highly sensitive built-in microphone and it consumes very low power. Alkaline batteries or LR44 can power the device for 10 hours while a zinc air battery can power the device for up to 60 hours. Downloading the recorded data is very easy as it is easily compatible with any PC and connected through any USB port.

Further, the device comes with a voice activation system which has the ability to compress pauses in recordings thus allowing you to record more relevant data.

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Private Investigators – Radiation Detector Wrist Watch

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Private detectives and private investigators literally risk their life in order to get the most accurate data from the field. However, there are instances when the subject of their investigation may lead the private investigators or private detectives to some areas where there are greater risks or threats to the investigators’ life. For instance, the subject of the investigation may be going in a high-risk area like areas of high radiation which can cause serious damage to the body of the private investigator and private detective in the long run. The target person may also be leading the private investigator or private detective to areas where there are high risks or life-threatening factors such as an explosives storage room and the like.

In a private investigators’ or private detectives’ actual field it is possible, though farfetched, to experience scenarios mentioned above. The question is can the private investigator or private detective prevent damaging themselves or their health during the course of their investigation, especially when entering a highly radioactive area where the danger of radioactivity is not actually seen by the naked eye. Repeated exposure to radioactive elements or areas could contribute to the development of disease or ailments. Therefore a private investigator or a private detective must be aware of the presence of radioactivity when he or she is conducting an investigation.  

Holding a large piece of equipment that detects radioactivity would only hamper the investigation process and it may even be the cause of compromising the private detective’s concealed position to the target. Thus, the wrist watch with radiation detector was developed. The wrist watch is equipped with Geiger-Muller Tube that acts as a sensor detecting gamma radiation and further converts it to dose equivalent rate and dose equivalent, thus allowing the user to detect and even estimate the potential absorption of gamma radiation. With the wrist watch radiation detector private investigators and private detectives can now put their mind at ease knowing that they will be warned once they enter a potentially radioactive area during the course of their investigation.

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Private Investigators – A Smoke Detector with 3G Camera

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Private investigators and private detectives most of the time would encounter situations where the need for closer surveillance is necessary. We have to remember that any unscrupulous business being conducted by unscrupulous people would usually do it in a private area, sometimes in an office. Taking a closer look on situations like this would endanger the life of the private detective or private investigator especially if he or she is conducting surveillance on a known felon.

Gathering vital evidences is very important for a private investigator and private detective however all will be put to waste if he or she endangers his or her life and the whole investigation. Realising the dilemma being encountered by private detectives and private investigators in such type of situations, they have developed different types of covert cameras. A covert camera is a camera that can capture both audio and video discreetly without being noticed by the subject person being surveyed.

Covert cameras may look like innocent equipment that have a camera and microphone installed in it. One  such innovation was the development of a smoke detector that has a build in 3G camera and microphone. A smoke detector is a device that is found virtually on any building so it would not raise any suspicion from the subject person being investigated. The smoke detector with 3G camera and microphone is designed to be compatible with all types of ceiling and thus making installation in any type of ceilings. Power supply for the camera and microphone may be taken from an AC source or it may also rely on its own rechargeable battery which can last for about three hundred hours.

The external structure of this device would look like a normal smoke detector unit and it is designed to be user friendly due to the fact that it does not demand a high technical skill in order to install such device. The 3G camera and its microphone is designed by default to work on 2100Mhz but depending on your hardware requirements you can be provided with a different specification.

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