Private Investigators – A Smoke Detector with 3G Camera

Private investigators and private detectives most of the time would encounter situations where the need for closer surveillance is necessary. We have to remember that any unscrupulous business being conducted by unscrupulous people would usually do it in a private area, sometimes in an office. Taking a closer look on situations like this would endanger the life of the private detective or private investigator especially if he or she is conducting surveillance on a known felon.

Gathering vital evidences is very important for a private investigator and private detective however all will be put to waste if he or she endangers his or her life and the whole investigation. Realising the dilemma being encountered by private detectives and private investigators in such type of situations, they have developed different types of covert cameras. A covert camera is a camera that can capture both audio and video discreetly without being noticed by the subject person being surveyed.

Covert cameras may look like innocent equipment that have a camera and microphone installed in it. One  such innovation was the development of a smoke detector that has a build in 3G camera and microphone. A smoke detector is a device that is found virtually on any building so it would not raise any suspicion from the subject person being investigated. The smoke detector with 3G camera and microphone is designed to be compatible with all types of ceiling and thus making installation in any type of ceilings. Power supply for the camera and microphone may be taken from an AC source or it may also rely on its own rechargeable battery which can last for about three hundred hours.

The external structure of this device would look like a normal smoke detector unit and it is designed to be user friendly due to the fact that it does not demand a high technical skill in order to install such device. The 3G camera and its microphone is designed by default to work on 2100Mhz but depending on your hardware requirements you can be provided with a different specification.

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