Private Investigators – Mini Digital Voice Recorder

The field of private investigation is a very tricky process; this is because data gathering requires that everything should be in its normal state. An example of this is when interviewing a subject person, to avoid detection, the private investigator or private detective would be “natural”. Only if the subject person is unaware that he or she is under investigation will there be any positive results. Many private investigators resort to casual conversations with the subject person, however, when having a casual conversation it is obvious that there should be no need for any note taking. Bringing out a pen and a notebook would only spark suspicions. Data gathering requires the gathering of solid evidence thus it would be useless to conduct data gathering through casual conversation if there are no notes taken.

Private investigators and private detectives are always faced with this dilemma and through their creativity and integration of new technology the mini Digital voice recorder was developed. Intended for the recording of voice messages into flash memory this device is one of the most essential tools that a private investigator or a private detective should have. Since it is miniaturized to the size of only 39 x 16 x 9 mm this device is easily concealed. It has the capability of recording voice messages for up to two hundred and ninety-eight hours. It comes equipped with a highly sensitive built-in microphone and it consumes very low power. Alkaline batteries or LR44 can power the device for 10 hours while a zinc air battery can power the device for up to 60 hours. Downloading the recorded data is very easy as it is easily compatible with any PC and connected through any USB port.

Further, the device comes with a voice activation system which has the ability to compress pauses in recordings thus allowing you to record more relevant data.

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