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Gathering data and information about a person is one of the most challenging tasks of a private investigator and of a private detective. This is of course due to the fact that private investigators and private detectives must gather the data from their target person without being noticed as it would compromise the whole investigation. One of the cases that require close surveillance, which also requires the highest level of care of not being detected, is when a private investigator or private detective conducts surveillance in a matrimonial case. Partners who are cheating would eventually conduct their “business” with the utmost care, as they would not want to be detected by their husband or wife. When a Private Investigators’ services is acquired it is important that all transactions and investigation processes should be kept confidential so as not to spark any suspicion from the target partner.

Most of the time, Private Investigators and Private Detectives require the help of the client in conducting surveillance in order to allow the investigators in a location that a private investigator or private detective can’t reach, an example of which is inside the bedroom or the house of the target partner, most matrimonial infidelities are committed in the one place no one would expect it to be and that is the house of the target partner and the client. Since investigation should be done discreetly so as not to spark any suspicions it is imperative for Private Investigators and Private Detectives to utilise gadgets or equipment that will help them gather data without being noticed. This is why the two band Clock radio camera was developed. Most bedrooms or houses have a clock radio and using the clock radio camera would definitely disguise the true function of the device. The colour camera is concealed in such a way that no one would ever suspect its presence, further it is capable of accommodating up to 32 gigabyte of storage giving around sixty four hours of recording time. This device would definitely help Private Investigators and Private Detectives gather the appropriate and accurate data that would lead to the resolution of their case.

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