Private Investigators – Telephone Voice Transformer

Private investigators and private detectives are always on the lookout for any technology that will aide them in efficiently conducting their investigation. Nowadays the telephone, although an old technology, is still one of the most common forms of communication. Telephones are usually used in both private and government offices, thus communicating and taking information through the phone is still possible. However, voice recognition is innate or is human nature and sometimes private investigators and private detectives are deterred by the fact that the person on the other line might be able to recognise his or her voice which would compromise the whole investigation.

It is a known fact that private investigators and private detectives would sometimes favour utilising the telephone to gather information than to physically ask another person for information because the latter could compromise the whole investigation process and with the ability to recognise voices it is also an avenue where the private investigators’ investigation and identity are compromised. In order to prevent this theTelephone Voice Transformer was developed or invented. First generation telephone voice transformers proved to be ineffective because the devices would transform a persons’ voice into a different type of sound and not an actual human voice which would also raise suspicions. This again would compromise the investigation and even the identity of the private investigator or private detective. The new generation of telephone voice transformers allows the users, like private investigators and private detectives to change their voice into another human voice, a male caller may change his voice into a female voice, masking his true identity that would be beneficial to the private investigators’ or private detectives’ identity and investigation.

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