Private Investigators – Wireless Phone GSM Monitoring System

With the integration of new technologies nowadays phone call or phone conversation privacy is increased. Increased privacy is ideal in a society that is founded on trust, trust that no unscrupulous business are going on behind another person’s back. However, that is a set-up in an ideal society but not in the real world. Many unscrupulous transactions may be conducted by people through mobile phone or wireless phones and it is expected that these people are going to conduct these either in the comfort of their company office or their home. Investigating unscrupulous transactions are obviously done by people in private places where listening is limited or prevented. This is the reason why private investigators and private detectives require the use of devices that could enable them to listen to phone conversations as well as mobile phone conversations through the GSM network.

This need gave rise to the development and invention of the GSM Monitoring device that is integrated in a Wireless Home Phone design. In order to make the GSM Monitoring device to be undetectable it is incorporated or disguised as a wireless home phone system. The GSM monitoring system requires a SIM card in order to function which you can use to dial into and then hear not only the ongoing phone conversation but also conversations that are currently happening within an eight meters radius. This device is highly sought after by private investigators and private detectives as it would send an SMS to the private investigator and private detective if the device detects a sound or if the phone is moved from its original location, further it informs the private investigators if a number is being dialled or if there is an incoming call allowing the private investigators and private detectives to listen to the conversation at the most appropriate and precise time.

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