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Private Investigators – Wrist Watch Recorder

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Private investigators and private detectives always have to rely on their training and experience in the field. However because of unavoidable situations sometimes training and experience may not be enough. Throughout the years many private investigators are always looking for ways to reduce the risk to their life and health when they are on the job. Risk to the life of private investigators and private detectives is especially high when they conduct surveillance especially on persons who are known to be very dangerous. This why sometimes it is imperative for private investigators and private detectives to become creative and utilise other means or ways on how to conduct their surveillance and investigation, thus the use of gadgets becomes+ a necessity for private investigators and private detectives.

One such gadget that is usually utilised by private investigators and private detectives is the voice recording watch. This watch was developed in order to help private investigators and private detectives in gathering data from the person they are trying to investigate. The voice recorder watch is made up of smart steel and is integrated with a one Gigabyte of flash memory, enough to store hundreds of hours of audio recording. Playback is not a problem as the watch also functions as an MP3 Player and the recordings can be listened to through the earphones that come along with the watch. The recordings can also be played on the computer through Windows Media player or other media player software applications. Private investigators and private detectives need not worry about the battery life of the Voice Recorder watch because of the fact that it is also equipped with built-in batteries which gives the watch the recording capability of up to 4.5 hours, the watch itself has a separate battery thus the watch continue to function even if the recorder battery is already spent. Apart from the features mentioned the watch is also shock proof thus making it the most compatible watch for private investigators and private detectives.

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Private Investigators – GSM Spy Phone

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Private investigators and private detectives are normally putting their lives on the line when conducting an investigation; this is why it is imperative for them to take all precautionary measures in order to ensure their safety while conducting the investigation. It is however also important that they are able to get only the most accurate data from their subject of investigation, therefore in situations where endangering one’s life is at part and parcel with gathering evidence the private investigator or private detective can resort to extra ordinary measures. One such extra ordinary measure is to utilise investigation or “spy” gadgets. The use of these types of gadgets would help ensure the safety of the private investigator and private detective as the gadgets would allow them to gather information from a distance.

The GSM Spy phone is one such device that can be utilised by private investigators and private detectives in gathering accurate information. The device is an actual GSM phone which can be integrated with the software. The defining feature of this product is actually the software that is integrated with the GSM phone. The software is undetectable from the cell phone. It has a function that if the phone is switched on will alert you via SMS when a phone call is made and the number of the party being called is also sent through SMS and it will also send you a copy of the SMS message sent through the GSM phone. Through dialling a pre-defined number you will also be able to intercept and hear phone conversations. Another great feature of this software is that you could use the phone to record room conversations by just sending a text message command. Finally, even if you are not monitoring the phone you can actually direct the software to record all phone conversations.

With this device and software private investigators and private detectives can gather the needed and most accurate data.

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