Private Investigators – 12 Channel Wireless Recording System

Private investigators and private detectives are more often than not risking life and limb when they are on the field. This is because of the fact that they do not know the dangers that they may encounter during the course of their investigation. This is the reason why being a private investigator or private detective is not easy; it entails years of training and actual field experience before one can truly become a private investigator or private detective. These years in training give the private investigators and private detectives the natural instinct on how to solve specific problems and this also helps them develop their own investigation strategies and techniques. It is however a known fact that private investigation is not only dependent on experience or training; this is due to the fact that there might be situations where the private investigator or private detective’s training would be deemed to be useless or ineffective. This is the reason why private investigators and private detectives have to augment their training and experience in the field through the use of different investigation or surveillance gadgets.

One of the most useful surveillance gadgets that private investigators and private detectives are utilising is the recording system and with the advent of wireless technology they have developed the wireless 12 channel recording system. This device was developed as a product of extensive research and that it is utilising the latest surface-mount technology which provides for the best covert telephone recording system. It has an easy to conceal miniature telephone transmitter which can be placed in a telephone socket or in the internal mechanism of the telephone itself. The receiver has an intelligent mechanism which only starts to record when the telephone where the transmitter is installed. It has the capacity of transmitting audio recording within three hundred metres which could make the private investigator and private detective gather data without having to put him or herself into direct danger.

Areas we cover include: Northampton, Sunderland, Watford

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