Private Investigators – Checking for Counter Surveillance

Private investigators and private detectives are not the only ones who are capable of using the latest technology in the field of surveillance. Anyone who has the funding or budget to purchase different devices that are utilised in surveillance can or might utilise such a device to survey the private investigator or private detective who is assigned to a case. The process of conducting surveillance against the person who is also carrying out surveillance on a person in an enquiry is called counter surveillance. The main focus of counter surveillance is to conduct surveillance on people suspected of conducting an investigation or surveillance. The main “victims” of counter surveillance are of course the private investigators and private detectives. This is why many private investigators and private detectives have to devise ways to detect counter surveillance devices which could compromise the outcome of their case or worse may risk the life of their client or even their own lives.

The first step in counter surveillance detection is to find and identify any surveillance devices that may be installed in the private investigators’ office. This is why a counter surveillance check or sweep is an essential regimen for private investigators and private detectives. The following are some of the items or objects that should always be checked by private investigators and private detectives.

The first one is to check or detect different GSM/GPS surveillance and tracking devises and conduct a GSM/GPS surveillance signal sweep on a mobile phone and also scrutinise it properly.

Secondly conduct a physical search in your office. Always look for something that is considered to be odd. Physical search can reveal hidden CCTV cameras as well as audio cameras.

With these two counter surveillance sweep techniques private investigators and private detectives can assure that their cases are not compromised.

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