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Private Investigators – Mossad Pen

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Passing on information is one of the processes that a private investigator and private detective must do with utmost care. This is because such information is critical to solving an investigation case and revealing the details of such investigation would be detrimental not only to the investigation but also to the person involved. Depending on the nature of private investigation some information has to be passed either to a client or to another investigator but must be kept a secret. Passing on information using technology such as mobile phones and e-mails can easily be encrypted with the use of different encryption programs. However, what if the information being passed on is only through the use of paper? A private investigator or a private detective would sometimes encounter situations where the need to pass urgent information is paramount. However, passing such written information on might pose the danger of it being read by the person who is the subject of the investigation which could compromise the investigation as a whole or could put the life of the client and private investigator or private detective at risk.

After realising the importance of passing on written messages and after looking at the risk that one has to take, private investigators and private detectives were able to develop a gadget that would keep the messages written on paper a secret to those who are not the intended recipient. This is by inventing the Mossad Pen, which is a pen that uses “invisible” ink. However, it is just not an ordinary invisible ink but there are certain conditions that the ink should be subjected to before the recipient of the letter would be able to read the message. The message written can be made invisible by applying warm air via a blow dryer and it can be retrieved by freezing the paper that contains the message. With this type of pen the lives and investigation process of the private investigators and private detectives are not compromised.

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Private Investigators – Key Ring Spy Camera

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

A spy camera worn on the body is designed to be used to film in covert operations when the private detective or private investigator is on the move. The device can be used in the tracking of people in any type of investigation. Spy cameras can be incorporated into a private detective’s or private investigator’s clothing or put into many of the objects normally carried around such a bag or keys. They can be used on their own just as a camera or in conjunction with a sound recorder.

 The key ring spy camera is perfect for filming without being detected as it can be held in the hands as part of the investigator’s car keys. It has no LEDs or flashing lights or sounds which could give it away. No one would guess they were being filmed as it is so discreet. The high resolution gives clear images for accurate detection. The built in microphone on the key ring spy camera allows it to record audio. This device is perfect for covert surveillance for every private detective and private investigator.

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