Private Investigators – Hidden Camera and Recorder

This digital Hidden Camera and Recorder is perfect for private detectives and private investigators to catch suspicious behaviour in the act. It is a stand alone CCTV system and built into it is a motion detector which will record every move that a private detective or private investigator needs to see to accurately solve a case, be it domestic or corporate.

All a private detective or private investigator needs to do is position the motion activated covert camera in the optimum position to record activity, plug in the SD memory card and power cable and the camera will record all the information needed. The camera is high resolution so there can be no doubt about the accuracy of the data and there is a playback mode. The images are automatically recorded on to the SD memory card. The camera can be set to play and the private detective or private investigator can return at a later time to gather his or her important evidence. Also useful to the private detective and private investigator is the removable flash memory media slot. The Hidden Camera and Recorder will provide all the evidence needed to find solutions.

Areas we cover include: Portsmouth, Preston, Sheffield

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