Private Investigators – Spy Stick

The ingenious Spy Stick is perfect for any private detective or private investigator to check on computer usage, either in a home or office situation. As a covert device it is excellent as it doesn’t need to be left plugged into the computer. It simply plugs into the USB port to install a small piece of software in under 15 seconds and then removed, so there is no hardware which could be detected. The Spy Stick allows a private detective or private investigator to gain information on key strokes and websites visited. The device also takes screen shots at regular intervals.

In order to retrieve the information, the private detective or private investigator simply plugs the Spy Stick into the PC which is under investigation and everything will be uploaded on to it to take away for examination later. Another important feature of the Spy Stick is that its high tech design ensures that it cannot be detected by anti-virus/firewall systems, making it perfect for covert surveillance.

Areas we cover include: Derby, Leeds, Norwich

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