Private Investigators – Car Camera Kit

This car camera kit comprises a camera and recorder and is ideal for any private detective and private investigator to hide in a vehicle, requiring only a 12 volt battery and a SD card. Another important feature of the device for private detectives and private investigators is that the advanced electronics enable it to capture high resolution colour pictures even in very low light conditions so that covert surveillance can be carried out without the use of any other external light source. Different lens can be used depending on the given situation in an investigation.

 The compact audio and video recorder is ideal for use in or to record from a vehicle, which private detectives and private investigators often have to do, and will record from motion detection or if scheduled to do so. As a compact device it has many uses to a private detective and a private investigator as it can be used in many different surveillance situations from personal to corporate.

Areas we cover include: Basildon, Cardiff, Cheltenham

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