Private Investigators – Surveillance using a Smoke Alarm

This dummy smoke alarm is an excellent device for private detectives and private investigators to use in covert investigations. Smoke alarms are common features in homes and offices so the use of this device would not raise any suspicions. A private detective and private investigator can put a number of them in different places to enable them to efficiently gain all the evidence he or she needs, simply via a mobile phone.

The dummy smoke alarm camera can be called, via a video call, using a 3G phone from any network and the private detective or private investigator can listen to audio or view live footage, captured by the camera, of the situation under investigation. There are no sounds made or any flashing lights on the camera when it answers the call, so no one would be alerted to it, which is essential to any private detective and private investigator. Recordings can be made to a SD card to provide vital evidence for an investigation.

Areas we cover include: Basildon, Cardiff, Lancaster

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