Private Investigators – Wireless Camera in a Room Thermostat

This is an excellent device for a private investigator or private detective to use in home or commercial investigations as a room thermostat is a common feature in both these settings so won’t arouse any suspicion. Integrated into the thermostat is a wireless colour camera, together with a transmitter. Both audio and video can be transmitted to the receiver to provide all the evidence a private investigator or private detective needs.

For best results, the private investigator or private detective needs to have a clear line of sight between the room thermostat camera and the receiver; there is a range of up to 100 metres. As the device is wireless, it is ideal for use in many different situations. The camera is powered by a 9 volt battery or power pack and the receiver can be plugged into the private investigator’s or private detective’s VCR or TV with a scart or phono leads. The resulting photographic evidence, being of high quality, will provide accurate information in any investigation so helping private investigators or private detectives to solve their case.

Areas we cover include: Lancaster, Kilmarnock, Salisbury

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