Private Investigators – Wireless Clock Camera

This is a cunning device for any private detective and private investigator as it appears to be a simple wall clock but it contains a wireless pinhole lens camera. The camera takes pictures in colour and the integral transmitter sends audio or video evidence to the receiver which is supplied. A wall clock is a common feature in any room so private detectives and private investigators can gather that important evidence without creating any suspicion.

The wireless clock camera is powered by a standard 9 volt battery. The transmitting range is 100 metres (line of sight) so that private detectives and private investigators can place the receiver in a suitable position for maximum effect. The receiver can be plugged into a TV or recorder using scart or phono plugs, so the recordings can be viewed. This covert device is excellent for use in the many situations private detectives and private investigations find themselves in as there are no wires between the camera and the receiver and the results are high quality.

Areas we cover include: Eastbourne, Felixstowe, Maidstone

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