Private Investigators – Baseball Cap Camera

This baseball cap camera is an excellent device for any private detective and private investigator to covertly record audio or video activity in an investigation. Private detectives and private investigators often have to blend into a crowd and wearing this baseball cap will ensure that this will happen as baseball caps are commonly worn in any high street or venue.

A private detective or private investigator can wear the baseball cap which contains a CCD camera, with a pinhole lens and a high gain microphone, to capture high quality sound and pictures to collate that vital evidence. Even on close inspection the lens aperture is almost impossible to spot, so making the camera a brilliant device for private detectives and private investigators to use in covert investigations. A narrow cable connects the device to any DVD recorder the private detective or private investigator wishes to use. The camera is powered from a PVR but can be used with most types of recorder using fittings provided.

Areas we cover include: Darlington, Newquay, Swanley

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