Private Investigators – Digital Telephone Recorder

A digital telephone recorder can be quickly attached to any telephone to enable private investigators and private detectives to capture that vital information, and has a built in microphone for room recording. Digital or analogue calls can be recorded. The secure digital audio recordings, of up to 340 hours on a 2 GB Memory card, are in high quality which is vital to every investigation by a private investigator and private detective.

Private investigators and private detectives can discover the identification of a caller, the digits dialled, the time and date, the length of the call and the conversation. A private investigator or private detective can then transfer the recordings to a PC, using the supplied software, for play back and further investigation. There are security features to deny unauthorised access, essential for covert detective work. Private investigators and private detectives can search for or list calls by caller/user ID or time/date/duration of the call. A LCD displays information on calls and lists the latest calls. A private investigator or private detective can flag calls as important, to avoid deletion, add comments on a call to help with an investigation and annotate key points in an investigation. Recordings can be exported in WAV or native format or emailed.

Areas we cover include: Bath, Lancaster, Nottingham

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