Private Investigators – iPhone Data Recovery Stick

The iPhone Data Recovery Stick is a must for any private detective and private investigator as it enables an enormous range of data to be recovered and is particularly invaluable for matrimonial/partnership or security investigations. Every private detective and private investigator can carry out covert investigations using the recovery stick as it is inconspicuous, as it looks like a regular USB flash drive, so is highly portable and can be used on any computer to recover deleted data from the iPhone. This device would not create suspicion when connected to a computer, as this is a common way to charge an iPhone, which is essential in private detective work.

Private detectives and private investigators can use the recovery stick for many different purposes, such as the recovery of deleted texts. This can be vital to private detectives and private investigators as texts are very often evidence of deception in relationships. Contacts and call history can also be discovered as well as web history, calendar reminders, photographs and voice memos and dynamic text data which help to detect unique words personal to the phone user. Particularly important and useful to any private detective and private investigator is the information on the phone’s properties such as the model, serial number, iOS version and phone number. This information can be vital if private detectives and private investigators need to prepare evidence to be presented in court.

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