Private Investigators – Spy phone with Spytext

This ingenious device would enable any private detective and private investigator to accumulate accurate evidence from all text messages sent or received by the phone. As text data is a vital part of most investigations this spy phone could be invaluable to private detectives and private investigators in their quest to solve a case. The phone could be given to a partner or employee if they were suspected of deception.

The spy phone is set up with the software when purchased and comes with all the original accessories and instructions so no one would suspect their texts were being monitored. Once the phone is set up, copies of all the texts sent or received can be sent to a private detective or private investigator to determine the truth about a case. The spy phone can be used anywhere in the world, on any network and no access is needed to the SIM card. Even if a person changes the SIM card a text message will be sent to the private detective or private investigator to let them know the new number.

Areas we cover include: Darlington, Gateshead, Peterborough

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