Private Investigators – Landline Telephone Recorder

An invaluable device for every private investigator and private detective is this landline telephone recorder which will allow them to record vital evidence from both conversations in an investigation, when connected to a landline socket. It is ideal for long term surveillance of telephone calls, recording up to 280 hours of conversation, or to back up a private investigator’s or private detective’s own calls. A separate battery pack is also available.

A really useful feature of the device is that it only records the sounds from the telephone line and not random sounds in the room. This ensures that the recordings are of high quality, which is vital to any investigation a private investigator or private detective undertakes, as evidence needs to be clear without background noise to prevent confusion. The landline telephone recorder also comes with an extra external microphone, with a lead a metre in length, so the device can be deployed in a range of situations. To play back the recordings, earphones can be plugged in to listen to the evidence, which are supplied with the device, or a private investigator or private detective can listen via a PC without the need for software, as a computer will recognise it as a flash drive USB.

Areas we cover include: Crawley, Croydon, Maidstone

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