Private Investigators – Listen Through the Wall Device

This Listen through the Wall Device could provide vital evidence for any private detective and private investigator as it can pick up even minute sounds, via a special amplifier, through walls, windows or partitions. Attached to the amplifier is a highly sensitive ceramic microphone which is designed to pick up vibrations which are converted into a voltage which can be then be made into audible sound. The amplifier has an adjustment to enable the sounds to be heard clearly and at the required volume.

Private detectives and private investigators can simply hold the device to the surface in question, up to 300mm thick, and then listen in via stereo headphones. All the evidence can be recorded by connecting a recording device, such as an MP3 player, into an audio output socket. A 9 volt battery powers the listen through the wall device and will give private detectives and private investigators up to 24 hours of use. This is surely a very useful piece of kit for every private detective and private investigator.

Areas we cover include: Boston, Kilmarnock, Pembroke

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