Private Investigators – Voice Activated Recorder

This voice activated recorder is an innovative device for any private detective and private investigator as it is absolutely silent while operating and records up to 280 hours of audio evidence, so is ideal for more long term surveillance. It is particularly useful for room surveillance as it has adaptive technology which is not usually a part of standard digital recorders.

The voice activated recorder has the capacity to record extremely high quality sounds. This is obviously a huge advantage to private detectives and private investigators, as to identify individuals’ voices accurately could be a key to solving a case. There is also an extra covert microphone which has a lead of 1 metre so the device can be deployed in a number of ways. A private investigator or private detective can play the recordings back through the built in speaker, either through a laptop, PC or with the earphones which come with the device. An advantage to private detectives and private investigators is that the evidence can be efficiently accessed, as a computer would recognise the unit as a flash drive, so there is no need to worry about loading specific software to hear or transfer the recordings.

Areas we cover include: Ellesmere Port, Harlow, Rotherham

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