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Private Investigators – Chat Stick

Friday, March 11th, 2011

This Chat Stick is a brilliant covert device for private investigators and private detectives to use to uncover messages sent as it looks just like an ordinary flash drive, so no one would suspect that their chat is being monitored. The Chat Stick, containing the software which analyses the online chat, can be used on any computer to scan for such information. A report can be created so that a private investigator or private detective can see exactly what has been said online, in any type of investigation, so that they can be sure the evidence they present to a client is the truth.

This device could prove to be extremely valuable in finding the truth in personal relationships, for private investigators and private detectives, where someone may suspect their wife, husband or partner of infidelity but equally it could be used in corporate investigations where employees may be wasting company time chatting or passing on confidential information. As instant messaging plays such a major part of everyday life in home or business situations, the Chat Stick will monitor what is going on in these areas and quickly reveal all conversations that have taken place, so enabling private investigators and private detectives to accurately complete their investigations.

Areas we cover include: Margate, Newport, Oldham

Private Investigators – Camera in a Tie

Friday, March 4th, 2011

This is an ingenious covert device which can be used to record actions by all private detectives and private investigators who wear a tie. A private detective or private investigator can conceal this colour camera, which also records audio, to film conversations, interludes or any other meetings that would prove invaluable in the surveillance of an investigation. As the camera is well concealed it can’t be readily spotted, even close up, so a private detective or private investigator can carry out investigations whilst remaining incognito.

Private detectives and private investigators can use a covert video recorder with this great device and this can also be used to power the camera, so an additional power supply is not needed. This is an ideal device for private detectives and private investigators on the move in any type of case from personal to corporate.

Areas we cover include: Burnley, Lincoln, Torquay