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Private Investigators – Day/Night Covert Camera

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

This Day/Night Covert Camera is an excellent device for a private investigator or private detective to use for a limited period of time, either during daytime or overnight surveillance. It can be set up in a building or in a car to gather important evidence outside, without the need for the private investigator or private detective to be present. This video spy camera would prove to be useful in any investigation from personal to corporate.

Although this video camera is compact, it produces very high quality images which can provide valuable evidence in an investigation. A useful feature, to a private investigator or private detective, of the camera is that recordings can be continuous, set for specific times or events or motion activated and can be stored on a SD card; the maximum size of which can be 16GB. The device can be powered by the 12 volt unit in a car, providing the battery in the car has power or it can run from the mains or battery packs. Battery power will ensure up to 17 hours of recording, which would provide private investigators or private detectives with vital data on the case in question. This is a really useful covert device for any private investigator or private detective as it is easy to hide and operate and gives accurate results every time.

Areas we cover include: Ashford, Bolton, Margate

Private Investigators – Voice Activated Calculator Recorder

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

No one would guess that this fully working desk top calculator hides a secret. It is an ideal device for any private detective or private investigator in corporate or personal investigations as it would not arouse suspicion, as a calculator is common place in any home or office. There is no visible indication that this is anything but a calculator as the voice recording system is hidden inside.

The calculator recorder uses an SD card, up to 32GB, which can store 570 hours of recording, and is battery powered, giving around 12 hours of sound activated recordings. The back of the calculator has to be removed, by the private investigator or private detective, to access these and to operate the start/stop control. The use of an SD card reader enables the private detective’s or private investigator’s evidence to be retrieved on his or her PC to support the investigation in progress. This is an extremely effective device for covert surveillance as no one would suspect their conversations were being recorded by such an innocuous item.

Areas we cover include: Bournemouth, Croydon, Newport