Private Investigators – Pornography Detection Stick

Private Detectives and Private Investigators can use this device to search for pornographic images on a computer. This flash drive detection stick enables a private detective or private investigator to quickly scan all images, even ones that have been deleted, as well cache files, for unwanted or illegal content, many of which can introduce viruses to a computer. The device could be invaluable to private detectives and private investigators in personal or corporate investigations.

A really useful feature of the device is that it requires no additional software, as this is embedded within it, and as it is small and portable a private detective or private investigator can use it on any computer without anyone knowing a search has been done. A manual search on a computer is very time consuming so as this detection stick can search a 500GB drive, containing in excess of 70,000 images in about an hour and a half, its usefulness to private detectives and private investigators is obvious, as time is of the essence in most cases. With almost 100% accuracy and its ability to scan even deleted images and internet history the pornography detection stick would prove to be an invaluable device in locating unwanted or illegal content without the need for lengthy computer forensics.

Areas we cover include: Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham

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