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Vandilising garden – UK

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Detective UK received a telephone call from a woman explaining that her garden was being vandalised and it was getting expensive to keep repairing it all the time. The client wanted us to find out who it was so she could make a stop to her problem. The client also said that she needed her garden to look perfect as she had a garden party for her friends 50th birthday. We told the client that we could find out who was causing her problems so she could get her garden back to normal ready for her garden party.

We said we could help her by installing convert cameras around her garden and also to have two six-hour sessions of surveillance to make sure we catch the culprit.

Once our investigation had come to an end we found that the culprit was the clients neighbour and once our investigators saw her vandalising our clients garden they called the police and we were then able to give the evidence to the police and our client. The client was hugely grateful as she was able to have her garden party with a perfect garden.

Sick Employee – Private Investigators

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Business man who is a client of Private Investigators wants to know if a certain employee is actually sick when she is off and not just claiming sick benefits. The company first suspected something when the employee started taking sick leave at least three times a month.

We told the client that we could carry out sessions of six hour surveillance on the employee to see were she is when she says she’s off. We told the company that we could not know when she was going to be off however we could get set up ready for the employee to be off and when she is off they could inform us so we could tell our operatives to move in.

The outcome of the surveillance was that the employee took her children to her ex husband then she went back to her house and then went to her local shop and then returned home. She stayed in the house until a friend came around in the evening and they were dressed up as if they were going to a party. They went to a club and the employee got drunk. we reported this to her employer who took her to court. In court she had to pay back the sick leave money and she was let go.