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Over-protective Wife – UK

Monday, October 1st, 2012

A man rang the office of Detective UK as he wanted to know why his wife knew where he was going when he was out with his friends as no one told her where they were going. The client explained that he and his friends go and get drunk and do silly things when they are together. It was a fair arrangement that he and his wife would never ask what the other had been doing when they were our with their friends. He asked us to find out how his wife knew about his evenings out with his mates.

We told the client that we would DE-bug his car phone laptop and look around the home for any bugs that the wife could be using to find out what our client does when he goes out with his friends. Our client found it a bit strange that she wanted to know after all this time but decided it was a good idea.

When our investigation had come to an end we realised that the client’s wife had installed a tracker on the clients vehicle and bugs where in his laptop and phone. we told the client what his wife had done and he was absolutely deviated that she could do what she did and have no trust in him. When the client asked his wife about her bugging him she denied everything. Our client produced the proof that we had provided and she admitted it in the end but gave no reason for what she was doing. Our client is now divorcing her.

Vandilising garden – UK

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Detective UK received a telephone call from a woman explaining that her garden was being vandalised and it was getting expensive to keep repairing it all the time. The client wanted us to find out who it was so she could make a stop to her problem. The client also said that she needed her garden to look perfect as she had a garden party for her friends 50th birthday. We told the client that we could find out who was causing her problems so she could get her garden back to normal ready for her garden party.

We said we could help her by installing convert cameras around her garden and also to have two six-hour sessions of surveillance to make sure we catch the culprit.

Once our investigation had come to an end we found that the culprit was the clients neighbour and once our investigators saw her vandalising our clients garden they called the police and we were then able to give the evidence to the police and our client. The client was hugely grateful as she was able to have her garden party with a perfect garden.