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Private Investigator – Pen Sized Colour Document Scanner.

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

The job of a private investigator and private detective is considered to be one of the most difficult and risky jobs. This is because private investigators and private detectives should gather data about a person or a company discreetly without raising any suspicion. Gathering data can also be tantamount to gathering evidence against the company or the person who is the subject of the investigation. This could put the life of the private investigator and private detectives in danger. Most of the time private investigators and private detectives are hired by lawyers in order to find some incriminating evidence against a person on trial, and most of the time evidence that is required is documents that can substantiate the guilt of a person or even a company. However, for a private detective or a private investigator gathering such evidence will be very difficult not only because of the fact that taking documents without permission puts his or her life and career at risk but also it would be difficult for him or her to sneak out bulky paper works.

Since taking documents as a data or evidence gathering method is important private investigators and private detectives have developed a device that can help them gather data without the need to carry or steal hard copies of the document. This device is a pen sized document scanner that is capable of colour scanning. Recognising the fact that monochrome scanning may not be enough to capture images, the pen-sized colour scanner was developed. It is developed to be pen-sized in order for the private investigator and private detectives to easily conceal the device. It has the capacity to store up to 200 pages at a rate of one page per second. It has a lithium battery for its power supply and it is compatible with a myriad of program applications such as Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, Notepad, Photoshop among others. It easily connects to the computer through a USB cable and it can scan using various image formats such as BMP, JPG, PCX, DCX and TIFF. With this device private investigators and private detectives can now easily acquire needed data or documents that will help them in their investigation without raising any suspicions.

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