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Private Detective Liverpool is the top private detective agency in the UK offering a full range of private investigative services in Liverpool from personal to corporate. Personnel of Private Detective in Liverpool are highly trained, licensed professionals who will meet the demands of any investigation and achieve success every time, as their track record shows, showing they are the best in the field.

We "GUARANTEE" to find the truth. Call Free Now on 0800 334 5648 to find out how.

The experience and knowledge of Private Detective Liverpool determines that all data gathered will stand up in a court of law, so informing decisions. In personal investigations involving infidelity in matrimonial or partnership matters, Private Detective Liverpool will carefully and discreetly handle a case, as they are aware of the emotional difficulties experienced at such times. Whilst Private Detective in Liverpool will covertly monitor and record a person's every move, all evidence gathered will be held in the strictest confidence and clients' needs and dignity will be of paramount concern. Private Detective Liverpool always uncovers the truth.

Another successful personal service offered by Private Detective Liverpool is that of locating missing persons. Even if a person has been separated from their family or loved ones for many years, Private Detective in Liverpool will find them as they have the specific skills needed in this field and they have proved themselves to be the best in this business.

Private Detective Liverpool are also experts in corporate investigations. Prosperous companies can fall prey to fraud and other types of corporate crime but as personnel of Private Detective Liverpool are also experts in the field of debtor tracing and asset tracking, businesses in Liverpool can rely on their services to restore company funds. Private Detective in Liverpool will also carry out employee surveillance and run background checks where suspicions have been aroused regarding someone's integrity. Businesses in Liverpool can rely on the services of Private Detective Liverpool.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry of our services and our private detectives and private investigators would be very much willing to assist you.

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Local Investigators

If you require a local investigator we would recommend the following investigator:


Contact: Lois Wilson



Phone: 0151 223 0034

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