Private Detective London

Private Detective London, as the premier private detective agency in London, has the experience and expertise to quickly and successfully solve private, individual and commercial cases. Private Detective in London has built up a sterling reputation providing thorough, comprehensive and discreet work, proving to be the best in the business.

We "GUARANTEE" to find the truth. Call Free Now on 0800 334 5648 to find out how.

Detectives of Private Detective London have professional backgrounds in the police, the military and other government agencies and use the most advanced technology and techniques available. Private Detective in London rigorously adheres to the strict standards and ethics required in the private detective industry.

The successful personal cases that Private Detective London offer include matrimonial and partnership investigations, locating missing persons, background checks and lie detection. Understanding the sensitive nature of such cases, Private Detective London meticulously uses understanding and empathy to achieve favourable outcomes for clients. Using covert surveillance devices, Private Detective London will produce recordings and photographic or video evidence to prove the truth every time. This complete and accurate evidence will stand in a court of law.

Private Detective London is also expert in commercial investigations and has an outstanding reputation in the city. For our corporate clients in London, Private Detective London are adept in uncovering false injury and insurance claims, tracing debtors as well as investigating fraud and embezzlement to recover funds and will testify in legal proceedings if required.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry of our services and our private detectives and private investigators would be very much willing to assist you.

Other Areas we Cover Include: Birmingham, Luton, Southampton, Private Detective London, London, London, London

Local Investigators

If you require a local investigator we would recommend the following investigator:


Contact: Mildred Brooks



Phone: 020 3633 2192

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