Private Detectives and Private Investigators in Birmingham

The residents of Birmingham and the companies based there are have the distinct advantage of having a professional and competent private detective agency within easy reach. We are the finest private investigation agency based in Birmingham and have had the pleasure of extending our services to a wide variety of clientele.

We "GUARANTEE" to find the truth. Call Free Now on 0800 334 5648 to find out how.

We are able to do excellent work because of the competency and professionalism of our group of top calibre private detectives who always go the extra mile to assist our clients in whatever it is that they need our services for. Our private detectives are carefully trained and supervised in the art and science of private investigation. They are men and women who have had previous experience of working in the military, police, and other government agencies and have a keen understanding of the gravity and implications of their work on the personal and/or professional lives of our clients.

Because of our years of experience, we have become knowledgeable and skillful in handling private or individual cases such as matrimonial cases. We know that this is a particularly stressful time for our clients so sensitivity and confidentiality is used in order to help prevent further emotional damage to both parties. Our private detectives in Birmingham are able to provide careful management of cases that could include cheating, infidelity, and divorce and utmost care and empathy is used to protect the dignity and reputation of both parties involved.

We also have experience in locating persons who have been separated from their families and loved ones even after a number of years, we have the capability and methods to aid us in the search for their missing loved ones. Clients have also said that our services have proved invaluable in cases with the need for covert intelligence, a comment that our company is very proud of because it is a proof that we provide quality private detectives and private investigators to our clients.

Our services are not only available to large corporate businesses but also to small companies. We are very adept in conducting enquiries and investigations into fraudulent injury and bogus insurance claims, investigation of employees who are suspected to be intentionally inflicting damage to the company through selling vital information to a competing company or even corporate spying. Our private investigators and detectives are also experienced in tracking debtors and absconders who might be hiding from the company due to the debts that they have incurred and are unable to pay.

If you think that you have need of our professional assistance our private detectives in Birmingham and private investigators in Birmingham are ready to help you out so do not hesitate to call, email, or chat to us oon line. Rest assured that all information you choose to share is held in the strictest confidence. Whether we proceed or not will also be upon your discretion.


Feel free to contact us for any inquiry of our services and our private detectives in Birmingham and private investigators in Birmingham would be very much willing to assist you.

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Local Investigators

If you require a local investigator we would recommend the following investigator:


Contact: Tina Jenkins



Phone: 0121 259 0116

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